Our innovative partnerships highlight the strengths of 11 connect centers in Central Florida, our one-of-a-kind DirectConnect™ to UCF initiative, strong business partnerships developed by the Division of Continuing Education, and international experiences through UCF Global.


We said “It’s All About Connections” and we meant it. DirectConnect™ to UCF guarantees admission* to UCF with an A.A. or articulated A.S. degree from any of our partner state colleges. Not only are there step-by-step support and valuable online resources, but there are other great benefits too:

  • Shorter time to complete your degree
  • Personalized advising and coaching
  • Smooth transition and enrollment assistance

*consistent with university policy

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DirectConnect to UCF



UCF Division of Continuing Education (CE) offers courses to help you prepare for your next big steps in college or career, grow personally or professionally, or transform your future. Over 400 online or face-to-face courses are available for professional and career certifications, office skills, leadership and management, computer training and much more. Programs can be customized or designed to meet specific needs of businesses or organizations. The CE division also offers event planning, conference services, facility rental, and specialized graduate degree and credit programs.

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UCF Connect offers 11 centers conveniently located throughout Central Florida:
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Please join representatives from UCF’s College of Nursing in this informative session that will include admission requirements, pre-requisites and everything else you need to know to get into the nursing program! UCF Valencia West Center Monday, November 26 1:00 p.m.…
Learn about UCF's majors, including pre-requisites and admission requirements, from a UCF Success Coach. SignUp Today! http://directconnecttoucf.com/signup
Learn about UCF's majors, including pre-requisites and admission requirements, from a UCF Success Coach. Sign Up Today! http://directconnecttoucf.com/signup Call: 321.433.7889 or email: srss@ucf.edu

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UCF has been named to Phi Theta Kappa’s 2018 Transfer Honor Roll for excellence in community college transfer pathways.

BIG is your potential.

At the University of Central Florida, every day is about unleashing possibilities and your potential.

We understand that going to a new college requires a big transition, so UCF offers an array of services to help you succeed.

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Guide for Transfer Students