Frequently Asked Questions

Success Pathway FAQ

How will my credits transfer to UCF?

  • All students with questions regarding a specific academic program can contact the college advising office associated with that program.
  • All prospective transfer students can contact a Success Coach who will assist them with pre-admission coaching. Specifically, Success Coaches can assist in the following ways:
    • Guide you through your transfer journey, including assistance with understanding the admission requirements and transfer process
    • Connect you with comprehensive resources and valuable information
    • Co-design strategies to help you meet your academic objectives
    • Assist with selecting majors that align with your career goals, or help with identifying your career options
    • Support and champion your successes as a Knight
    • Provide guidance and encouragement so that you can graduate on time

What is the catalog year?

Catalog Year denotes graduation/degree requirements of any UCF program in effect since the student began continuous enrollment at UCF. Graduation/degree requirements change from time to time. However, a student transferring from Florida College System institutions or state universities may use the UCF Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time he or she began the most recent period of continuous enrollment in academic good standing at any of the Florida public institutions.

What is the cost of attendance at UCF?

The cost of attendance at UCF can be found on the UCF’s Financial Aid website.

Where can I find information on application deadlines to UCF?

You can view application deadline on the UCF Undergraduate Admissions website

Where can I go to get additional information about my major?

For additional information about your major, you may visit the UCF Undergraduate Catalog

Program FAQ

What a limited access program?

A limited access program is defined as: “a major that has additional admission requirements (e.g., early application date, a separate application, or specific GPA requirements). Certain academic programs designated as ‘limited access’ only guarantee admission to a limited number of applicants.”

What is a Common Program Prerequisite (CPP)?

The State of Florida has identified Common Program Prerequisites for all University programs. These prerequisites must be completed by all students entering that field of study, must be accepted by all state universities and must be applied towards the degree.

What is a restricted access program?

A restricted access program is “a major that has additional admission requirements (e.g., early application date, a separate application or specific GPA requirements). There is no limit to the number of students who can be enrolled. Students meeting the specified requirement(s) normally will be admitted.”

Course FAQ

What does X denote in a course number (e.g., BSC X210)?

X in a course number serves a placeholder for the preferred century of the course number at your institution. This is typically 1 (e.g., BSC 1210) or 2 (e.g., BSC 2210)

What is a course prerequisite?

Prerequisite refers to a specific course that must be taken and passed prior to enrolling in the primary course the student desires to take.

What is a critical course?

A basic level core requirement course that may be a prerequisite to key advanced level core requirement courses within a program and should be completed prior to admission into a major/program.

Success Coach FAQ

What is a DirectConnect to UCF Success Coach?

DirectConnect to UCF Success Coaches are your point of contact for support, guidance and assistance throughout your UCF journey for students enrolled in one our state partners.

What is a Transfer Connect Success Coach?

Transfer Connect Success Coaches will work with you to develop a holistic plan that will motivate you to achieve your educational and career goals and guide you to succeed by graduating on time and possibly even sooner than expected. Success Coaches are available to support you throughout your entire transfer journey – from the initial inquiry all the way through your graduation from UCF!