UCF Success Coaches are available to provide comprehensive support to prospective and current transfer students, from first contact all the way through graduation at UCF.

Major Type and Requirements

Required GPA :

Limited Access :

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Foreign Language Requirements :

Additional Requirements :

Success Pathways

Listed courses are to account for degree requirements, pre-requisites and critical courses to prepare students for admission to intended major at UCF. Courses should be completed before transferring to UCF.

This program may have different tracks. Please refer to the UCF Catalog for additional coursework you can complete while earning your AA.


UCF course mapping for partner institution
UCF Course Prefix & Course Number Course Prefix & Number
C Critical Course Requirements
R Required Course
CPP Common Program Prerequisite

UCF Success Pathways

The semester curriculum suggested below assumes that the student: a) has earned an A.A., b) has completed required lower-level courses and academic milestones, c) will be enrolled full-time at UCF. Upon matriculation to UCF, the student is strongly encouraged to consult their major advisor at UCF and utilize the academic planning tools such as Pegasus Path, myKnight Audit, and mySchedule Builder for any of their academic planning needs.



    Success Pathways do not substitute for your advisor, degree planning tools, and degree audits. Once you enroll at UCF, Pegasus Path (degree planning) and myKnight Audit (degree audit) are the official tools at UCF. Please choose your major of choice early and follow Success Pathways in consultation with your advisor. Actual degree requirements at each institution are based on the undergraduate catalog year in which you first enrolled in the institution.


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