Transfer from MDC

It is easy to transfer from Miami Dade College (MDC) to the University of Central Florida (UCF)! With Transfer Connect, UCF’s new one-stop transfer resource for future and current transfer students, you have access to the information and resources you need to thrive at UCF. As you start, what we like to call your Transfer Journey, connect with us and take advantage of all the Transfer Connect benefits:

  • Personalized support to your transfer journey
  • Transition checklists, transfer guides, and tips
  • Co-design strategies to help you meet your academic objectives
  • Access to UCF transition services, activities and events
  • Provide guidance and encouragement so that you can graduate on time
  • …and much more

Sign Up Today
Once you sign up for Transfer Connect, a dedicated Success Coach will reach out to you to help make your transition to UCF as smooth as possible. They will provide strategies and resources to assist you in graduating more quickly. For maximum benefits, we recommend signing up as soon as possible. You will receive support from a Success Coach even while obtaining your associate degree at MDC.

Did you sign up already? Use the resources below to start your transfer journey to earning a bachelor’s degree.

Connect with Us

Once you’ve signed up for Transfer Connect, a personal Success Coach will connect with you to assist with making the transition to UCF smoother and provide strategies and resources to help you graduate faster. Sign up as early as possible to gain the maximum benefits.

UCF Success Pathways

Access transfer guides that outline required lower-level courses and academic milestones aligned with your anticipated UCF major as you earn an A.A. at a state college and get ready to transfer to UCF.