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The coaching training course facilitated discovery and learning of what coaching is, how it is used, and
the benefits of coaching by creating an encouraging, diverse, and exploratory environment. The course allowed me to understand coaching at the core, and how I can integrate the practices of coaching into my current and future roles.

-Josh, Academic Advisor, University of Central Florida

The Coaching Collaborative was very well designed, providing informative content, helpful and creative exercises, and an engaging environment. The skills and knowledge I gained will definitely influence how I’ll approach my work with students in the future.

-Jonathan, Associate Director, Office of Transfer Student Success, University of South Florida

I have so many takeaways, I could go on forever – I think the most valuable thing for me was the realization that I need to ensure that my advising team really understands the WHY behind the need to be an effective advisor and coach, as well as the need to structure our conversations with students.